Monday 1 July 2019

The Black Africa Apple products

The Black Africa Apple products is designed to suite the Africa Global Economy.

The Black Africa Apple is a packaged products fully designed by ZAMOREX  to enhance the "Black African's Energy ".

The products has the ability to illuminate any non-vital forces completely available to man.

Tuesday 2 October 2018


The Phatfarm is a medium through which ZAMOREX is launching its content process system.


The system is comprised of the following components:
  •         Content sources
  •        Distinctive test system
  •         Curing and Unification system
  •       Space system
  •       Splitter system
  •       Residuum
  •       Forward and Expansion system
  •       Bright content recovery system
  •         Exceptional content production system
  •       Developed content production system

A typical capacity check operations shall be carried out throughout the process system on regular production bases.

The following shall be determined for proper analysis of the production operation:
·         Distinctive test 
·         Forward and Expansion system
·         Bright content recovery system
·         Curing and Unification

  • Distinctive test: is a content production unit that performs the initial split-up of the content into products. The residuum is unified for use as a shelter product.
  • The ZAMOREX forward and expansion system: is a unit required to upgrade the corporate content to produce higher products. In this process unit, where chains of reactions takes place.
  • Bright content recovery system: this is where splitting equipment is necessary after the forward and expansion process is carried out on the production system overhead stream to split the overflow content mixture into the desire product range grazes. 
  • Curing and Unification: known as training is used to reduce scrums and to advance the strength of content production system splitting. The strain of training increases with increase in the process assessment point (90% performance mark-up).

ZAMOREX should introduce a de-bottlenecking process system into the content refinery, because the cost and effect law shall always play its role. Therefore, the content de-bottlenecking process (capacity check analysis) shall be used where the content demand is substantially lower and hence the final product demand is close to the formed by single stage content development.

In areas where the demand for the content is relatively high, de-bottlenecking process is required. The minimum process for ZAMOREX products refinery design should include the following:
·         Distinctive test system
·         Forward and Expansion system
·         Bright content recovery system
·         Curing and Unification system

The ZAMOREX refinery process system uses a content fast system; is a technology that is circulated continuously between the reactors where content cracking takes place and the regenerator where content accumulation drop is burned off. This is the major completing process which offers greater de-bottlenecking and elasticity but usually requires a higher asset.

ZAMOREX content cracking is a fixed bed process system which cracks and transforms content feeds. The process system consumes higher quantities of contents and the content lodge is usually necessary to support the production operation.

Practically, any content stock can be cracked, including separated feeds which resist de-bottlenecking by other content process systems. The very residuum drain from the space content system does not make good quality feed for content cracking system.

ZAMOREX content refinery shows it is Unifying into residual content. Many times, however, the market for bulky volumes of residual content does not exist. When this is the case supplementary content de-bottlenecking units are added to further route the space process system bottoms.

In other words, the higher the de-bottlenecking of the refinery the higher divided products is produced. The relative levels of de-bottlenecking vary from one content refinery to another.

To increase the de-bottlenecking process of the space system bottoms the harshness of the processing is increased. The resulting content levels may decrease to nothing.

The dense content process is commercially used with resolution based on fussy need at a specified refinery.

Some of the various characteristics of ZAMOREX content refinery include:

  • Postponed Content: this content comes in two major variations or process:
  1. The content fast process produces smaller amount of content as compared with postponed content and then generates a better product distribution.
  2. The content produced by the content fast system, however, is of little value as it consists of fine hard particles in contrast to large pieces for postponed content. The time extent in size and texture is important to the industry that historically has used postponed content, because its end products are highly most excellent.
  •       Vis – flouting: is the smallest amount of the content fast process, but is restricted to the lowest de-bottlenecking of perhaps 25-30% of the feed to very high degree matter.
There are many other processes used in content refineries not mentioned here. The list above is intended only to emphasize the wide range of processing which is common to ZAMOREX content refinery and to initiate in a very general way some of the more important of these processes.

 Also it must be emphasize that only fundamental principles of ZAMOREX refinery operations have been discussed and existing content refinery techniques vary widely from one organization to another.

Wednesday 6 September 2017


ZAMOREX Business CRUZ is the Communication, Relationship and Unity of ZAMOREX


Communication: Is the process of sending either verbal or non-verbal message to a receiver

Purpose of Communication
Communication is design to build connection with a clear view in reciprocating each others view in acceptance of love.

Communication Channel
The communicator---the message---the decoder---the frequency---the receiver---the feedback or action/replay of the message.

Effective Communication
This is the transmitting of information in a manner and through a medium that understands the channel to which the information is counted. It can be verbal or non-verbal.

Elements of Effective Communication
  • Objective
  • Context
  • Personality
  • Talking Skills
For communication to be effective, the person must understand the content of the communication

The Process of Right Communication
Your content or message should be good communication;

Good Communication = Trust = Friendship = Intimacy = Love

Bad Communication = Misunderstanding = Breakdown of Friendship = Enemies = War

The Importance of Effective Communication
  1. Timing in communication
  2. Place of communication
  3. Check the right mode (atmosphere)
  4. Talking to the heart 
  5. Choice of words
  6. Avoid comparison
  7. Don't be personal in your communication
  8. Watch out what you say
  9. Take action, paying an effective attention.
Strategic Communication
Introduce the principle of memory building
Always define your communication
Use the principle of togetherness in your communication
Use passive words and always define what you want, passively
Avoid absolute - Generalization, use words like "I feel"
Build friendship in your communication
Build Trust in your communication
Commit yourself to sincere communication
Speak to people with positive mindset
Make everything count
You must be love and tough in your communication
Be conscious of what you say
Relate to the issue and not the person.

Before you say a word, you must be knowledgeable in those words so you can communicate effectively. what you say is who you are and your communication must create positive impact to your audience.
You must be willing to understand, but do not loss integrity in your communication. Use the right perception when communicating.

ZAMOREX Relationship Essentials

Relationship:  Is the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected. We are wired for relationship, we are build with the desire to be connected and if you love yourself you should love your relationship.

Purpose of Relationship
The purpose of relationship is not to have someone who may be with you 'completely', but to have someone with whom you can share your 'incompleteness completely'..!!

Relationship Channel
A relationship channel is basically a sink that collects events. If the target audience for your events uses event consumers such as the Windows Event Viewer, you must define the channels to where your events are written or import an existing channel that another provider defined.

Effective Relationship
Relationship management is a strategy in which a continuous level of engagement is maintained between an organization and its audience. Relationship management can be between a business and its customers (customer relationship management) or between a business and other businesses.

Element of Effective Relationship
Here are a few tips to help you to develop more positive and healthy relationships in all areas of your life:
  1. Accept and celebrate differences
  2. Listen effectively
  3. Give people your time
  4. Develop your communication skills
  5. Manage mobile technology
  6. Learn to give and take feedback
  7. Learn to trust more
  8. Develop empathy
The Process of Right Relationship
  1. uses information to both identify with customers and co-create value with them. Relate other interests or topics when you communicate with your customers.
  2. Once you've created a list of colleagues who have an interest in your projects and career, you can devote time to building and managing these relationships. Clients and customers are another group who deserve extra attention. Think of the last time you had to deal with an unhappy customer ; it was probably challenging.
  3. If you are a manager, how many of the great ideas you promote were contributed by staff members? Take the time, and expend the energy, to thank, reward, recognize and specify contributions of the people who help you succeed. This is a no-fail approach to building effective work relationships
  4. Find out about the pros and potential cons of customer relationship management and how to implement it in your business. ... increasing your overall efficiency and reducing total cost of sales; improved profitability by focusing on the most profitable customers and dealing with the unprofitable in more cost effective ways.
  5. In general, we find that relationship management plays a critical role in the outcomes associated with the project success. Procurement relationship management practices affect the way, the needs of project stakeholders outside the contract (users, suppliers, communities affected by the project, etc.) are attended as.
  6. Teamwork and collaboration: building effective teams. The competencies of relationship management are often associated with leadership because these are obvious areas we typically associate with leadership. But these competencies are equally relevant to managing personal change. Leaders find ways to inspire.
  7. Customer relationship management refers to the process of delivering a satisfying experience to each customer, which results in a higher rate of customer loyalty and lower costs to the company. It is the norm for businesses to lose a client, but they are not sure of where they went wrong.
  8. That few companies are achieving the results they expected from their investment in Customer Relationship Management is not news. That most companies continue to invest in Relationship Management without a roadmap for increasing shareholder value or even for forging closer customer relationships is also not surprising.
The Importance of Effective Relationship
  • Any relationship that makes you cold, you need to terminate it.
  • You must hold firm your relationship,
  • Be satisfy in yourself and set your foundation on self principles.
Strategic Relationship
  1. If you price your relationship high nothing can stand before you
  2. It is your responsibility to seek vibrant relationship
  3. Make an awareness evaluation to your relationship
  4. Before you think of changing someone, try and change yourself first
  5. Your change begins with you
  6. There is room for communication and confrontation in the spirit of meekness, do all it takes by asking for supernatural direction
  7. Work in love with any person irrespective of their behavior
  8. Use the principle of Daniel " Calming the lion in his den".
  9. Learn to forgive before offence
  10. You need to declare word war constantly, resisting every wrong impression said against you and declare positive responds to rebuke those words
  11. Say those words constantly in your heart
  12. Establish standard
  13. Measure performance
  14. Correct deviations
  15. Do all things without fear
  16. Follow the reason why you are alive
  17. Place yourself in your purpose
  18. Fix yourself, find happiness first and be happy
  19. Do not stay in relationship where life is threaten.
  20. The best way is to stay far from whosoever is a threat  to your relationship
  21. Build a patient level (Minimum of six months for verification and check)
  22. Threat your relationship more than they deserve
  23. You must be spiritual in your relationship.
When you observe abnormally in your relationship please seek solution attention, and fix it up. You must have a clear understanding of what you are doing with your relationship.


Unity: Is the state of being united or joined as a whole. Unity is good for us, for or honor and comfort. It makes us resemble our creator.

Purpose of Unity
When there is unity, people are in agreement and act together for a particular purpose.

Channel of Unity
This channel is used for state updates and spawning. This channel is used for movement updates Unity is the ultimate game development platform. Use Unity to build high-quality  game system, deploy them across mobile, desktop,  or the Web, and connect with loyal and enthusiastic players and customers.

Effective Unity
When you're building something really cool with Unity. And while your game comes together real nice, you notice the additional work that creeps in. Your testers want a fresh build but making it and sending it out takes an hour or so that you would like to spend elsewhere actually. Unity is an essential characteristic of an effective text.

Element of Effective Unity
  1. Unity is the feeling of harmony between all parts of the artwork creating a sense of completeness.
  2. Unity can be achieved through the effective and consistent use of any of the elements, but pattern that is underlying structure is the most fundamental element for a strong sense of unity.
  3. Consistency of form and color are also powerful tools that can pull a composition together.
The Process of Unity
 A holistic approach to process design which emphasizes the unity of the process and considers the interactions between different unit operations from the outset, rather than optimizing them separately.

In process of being define around:
  • Concerns of unity and Global presence and witness
  • Concerns of congregations and United state and Nigeria
  • Concerns of Minister, higher Education and social sense
  • Concerns of support services
  • Concern of general Assembly.
The Importance of Effective Unity
  1. better communication
  2. Coordination on common project
  3. Pooling of resources
  4. Developing alliance with like minded individual and organizations
  5. Common calendars of events.
Strategic Unity
  • Unity brings constant delight to those who appreciate what is good
  • Those who promote disunity are the ones whose turf is to swim in troubled waters and profit chaotic situation. Don't be a promoter of disunity.
  • Unity is a wonderful thing that brings much goodness and pleasantness among men.
  • If we are united enemies will not be able to manipulate us to achieve their self motives
  • Unity is the only agent that can oppose the law of divide and rule.
  • Unity is as a dew which brings abundance of blessings.
  • Unity cools the scorching heart of men's passions, as the evening dew cool the air and refresh the earth.
  • Unity contributes very much to our fruitfulness in everything.
  • The proof of excellence of unity is blessing " loving and united people are blessed people".
  • Where there is unity there is no lack amongst the people.
  • Where there is unity funds are mobilized to support the people.
  • We must work and labor together because it is necessity that could make and break our success.
  • No one should belittle his or her gifts; and no one should look down on the gifts of others.
We need one another, no one is an island unto himself. We must all live communal lives and lives of dependency in every business we are doing. There is undeniable power in being united.
With unity, we can move mountains and subdue nations. This is a typical ZAMOREX CRUZ.