Saturday 20 April 2024


 ZAMOREX advancing the Maritime Blue Economy with the use of Security and New Technologies in Inland Waterways Transportation.

Coordinating the Maritime Business Roundtable Breakfast Meeting in order to ensure the success of the Maritime Blue Economy 2024 agenda.

Following the keynote address presented by the honourable minister of Marine and Blue Economy Nigeria, stating the importance maritime security and new technologies in inland waterways transportation.

Refering China as the world largest user of inland waterways transportation, the Consul General of China in Nigeria highlighted some key factors that can help Nigeria expand the inland waterways transportation systems, especially in terms of security and new technologies, driving the full force of implementation across the waterways.

Maritime transportation in Nigeria is growing rapidly as a result of the effort of the blue economic framework, corporate organizations are adviced to play a major role in this maritime networks, collaborating non competitively to ensure the success of the blue economy.

ZAMOREX OPTIMUM SERVICES is committed to the tax, and is ever ready to deliver at its best and ensure the success of the maritime blue economy.

Tuesday 26 December 2023






General Project Overview

ZA-MART responsibility;  involves the tailoring and Alignment of the organizations, core strength factor to its situations and objectives.

Our wide application of integrated knowledge, skills and intelligence to the designing, development, deployment and alignment of the organization, its capacity, competence, capability, business model strategies that engender organizational efficiency, effectiveness.

ZA-MART development is oriented towards improving total health and sustainable performance. This is the back-bone of our implantation and implementation.


ZA-MART is a global market organization, which duty is to take individuals and organizations on the global platform higher to meet with international standard.

The purpose is to organize business groups, private and corporate organizations within our reach and ensure they meet up with global standard and strategic businesses through its portfolio operations.


1. We deliver working product frequently, from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, with a preference to the short time scale.

2. We welcome changing requirements, even late in development and processes harness change for our customer’s competitive advantage.

3.  We are sure our services and experience together with yours will boost the global economy and as well promote development for a better world.

Executive summary

ZA-MART is a business portfolio marketing organization, a service that is designed to takes its clients high to meet with global standard and strategic business operations. We provide our clients with portfolio services ranging from:

1.  Strategic Business Processing (M-POFFS)

2.    Detailed Engineering Design (HOPE TECH)

3.    Project Portfolio Management (DA_PHOEN Project)

4.    Running through ZOSWORLD Empire


Now, ZAMOREX OPTIMUM SERVICES have come-up with its latest innovation “M-POFFS”.

ZA-MART is a sub-portfolio under M-POFFS – (Strategic Business Processing), handling the entire market portfolio operations. Although there are several strategic businesses, but the issue of Strategic Business Processing has never been addressed. This provides ZA-MART with an extraordinary opportunity for market growth.

Strategic Business Processing is a booming business currently; most of the activities are recreational. There are however, a growing number of business competitions, including team orientation competition, such as learning the principles of business development and expansion as well as individual competition such as foreign codes and conducts “As above so is below”. 

ZA-MART will work to grow these markets and develop the business transportation market, a more utilitarian use of Strategic Business Processing. Several of ZA-MART currently developed products and services have patents pending, and global market research indicates that there is great demand for these products.

ZA-MART will achieve fast, significant market penetration through a solid business model, long-range planning, and a strong management team that is able to execute this exciting opportunity.

The management team combined with personal and industrial experience has provided ZA-MART with empirical information as well as the passion to provide the market with much needed products and services.

ZA-MART will sell its products and services initially through its web-site and direct–to–customer approach, which will offer ZA-MART to achieve higher margins and maintain a close relationship with the customers, this is essential for producing products and services that have a true market demand.

ZA-MART marketing plan is about satisfying consumers’ needs and wants. The task of our business is to deliver customer value at a profit. In this hypercompetitive economy with increasingly rational buyers faced with abundant choices. Our company wins only by fine-tuning the value delivery process and choosing, providing, and communicating superior value.

At the end of this year, ZA-MART will have also developed business relationship with different partners, associates and will begin to sell some of its products through retailers.

Situation Analysis

ZA-MART is entering its first year of operations, its products and services have been received, and marketing will be keyed to the development of brand and product awareness as well as the growth of the customer base. ZA-MART offers several different aftermarket learning accessories, serving the growing online business industry.

Market Summary

ZA-MART possesses good information about the global market and knows a great deal about the common attributes of the most prized customer. This information will be leveraged to better understand who is served, what their specific needs are, and how ZA-MART can better communicate with them.

Target Markets

·       Strategic Business Processing

·       Detailed Engineering Design

·       Project Portfolio Management




 ZAMOREX advancing the Maritime Blue Economy with the use of Security and New Technologies in Inland Waterways Transportation. Coordinating ...